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A decentralized Web3 ecosystem unlocks the immense economic energy hidden within income inequalities

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Let's Rebuildworld wealthfaırly

Over millennia, the world generated around $440 trillion in wealth, yet fairness eluded its distribution. History can't be rewritten, nor can existing wealth be interfered with. But a more equitable world is achievable.

Income Inequality

Income inequality remains one of humanity's foremost challenges. The reason behind the failure of numerous traditional methods attempted to address this issue lies in the incongruence between goal and means.


It is possible to develop an ecosystem in today's global, financial, and technologically advanced environment that reimagines the economic process leading to the formation of the total world wealth.

Global Synergy

Levershare liberates the factors shaping wealth from the grasp of a privileged minority, generates equal opportunities for all global citizens to start from scratch, and constructs a new world with active participation.

Proof of Value

Levershare BlockchainConsensus Mechanism

Proof of Value (PoV) reevaluates the concept of value that underlies all strong currencies, modernizing it with the latest technological capabilities. It repositions individual value creation, which was the catalyst for the invention of money, as the foundation of currency. In essence, PoV represents a significant reset applied to the concept of money.


Levershare ecosystem's native currency, LEVEX, is a decentralized,fairly distributed, fast, scalable, secure, user-friendly, low-cost, globally accessible,value-driven, open to innovation and improvement super currency.

Maxiumum Supply

440 Trillion

Abundant enough to suffice for everyone, yet free from the uncertainties of unlimited supply.

Circulation Principles

Proof of Value

Each of the LEVEXs, created as reserves, requires a PoV to enter circulation.

Reward Mechanism


Even a fisherman has a greater right to create money than central banks.


Personal Value-Currencies

Everyone deserves the power to mint their currency, reflecting the unique value they contribute to the world. 

Every individual is gifted with unique talents, yet traditional systems often fail to nurture them effectively. However, within the realm of advanced entrepreneurial ecosystems, lies a transformative opportunity. Levershare is a pioneering ecosystem crafted to empower individuals worldwide. Here, people can unleash their potential by crafting personal value currencies through ventures aligned with their skills, expertise, education, or passions. Levershare revitalizes the ancient relationship between money and individual value creation, bridging a gap that has widened over centuries of disconnect.


Augmentes Airdrop & Qualified Presale

Exchange your deadcoinsand walking deadcoinsfor a real world-currency

Presale (2)_edited.png

Token Metrics

LEVEX tokenomics is divided into three main categories based on the Proof of Value concept.

1 / Formation

For the establishment of Levershare and the launch of LEVEX, 200 billion tokens have been allocated.

2 / Coincarnation

1.8 trillion LEVEX allocated to Coincarnation, meeting the PoV, marking Levershare's unique position and mass adoption of LEVEX.

3 / Leversity

The remaining 438 trillion LEVEX is reserved for Leversity, granting the right to mint their own currency to citizens worldwide in exchange for Personal Value Currencies.

The 200 billion tokens allocated for incorporation procedures ensure LEVEX's entry into the cryptocurrency arena as a strong currency.

Tokenomics (1).png
Levexonomics (1).gif

Acceptable and reasonable reality

A small tax deduction is applied to each transaction to ensure the security of Levershare and Levexians, as well as the sustainability, growth, and mass adoption of the ecosystem.

Space Road


The import of world wealth consists of 4 main milestones

Q2 - 2024

Promotion of LEVEX

  • Coingecko and CMC listings

  • DEX listing

  • Growing the community and LEVEX market cap through Coincarnation

  • Establishing Levexia

  • CEX listing

Q3 - 2024

Establishing Fair Future Fund

  • Obtaining the necessary licenses and permitions

  • Creation of decentralized team

  • Investing in real-world assets

  • Increasing LEVEX liquidity

  • CEX listings

  • Active sharing of FFF reserves

Q4 - 2024

Migration to L&S Chain

  • Launch L&S Chain Testnet

  • L&S Chain Mainnet

  • L&S Explorer

  • L&S Wallet

Q1 - 2025

Launching Leversity

  • Personal Value Currencies (PVC)

  • LevEX (CEX) for trade PVCs 

  • Testing income inequalities via Levexia

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